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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Serena... Accomplished Tennis Player and Bully (click here)

Can you imagine being the line judge at the U.S. Tennis Open when Serena Williams came at her telling her that she'd like to shove the (expletive) tennis ball down her (expletive) throat? It wasn't funny but I did have a little laugh when she said that "she DID NOT tell the line judge that she was "going to kill her."

Call me crazy but I think a tennis ball shoved down the throat might actually be fatal.

But maybe the most disturbing of the entire incident was Serena's attitude at the press conference immediately afterwards. She was still feeling pretty tough and actually laughed it off and sneered at some of the reporters' questions.

Bullying behavior as far as I can see.

After a few days and probably a few dozen panicked phone calls from her publisher and other endorsers, she decided to properly apologize. I don't buy it but I do have to thank her for being one of the clearest and most visible examples of bullying we've come across.

Congratulations, Serena.

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