Bullying: A Big Complicated Problem with Many Simple Solutions

If each one of us untangled one string at a time...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

What a Treat: A Lesson on Trust

Since the book, One, was the Book of the Month at a local elementary school, I was asked to come talk to Kindergarten through 5th grade about how One Can Count.

In the course of the assembly, I asked "Why was it important for the other colors to step up with One?"

Many hands went up in the audience but I called on a 4th grade girl.  She looked me in the eye and said, "It's about trust."

That is not the answer I was expecting and I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since.

Trust is a fairly sophisticated concept but obviously, something that kids understand.  A school or home where trust is a priority is a safe place.  

Trick or Treat?  A lesson on trust from an 8 year-old "expert" is really a treat.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

One and Zero: Early Bullying Prevention

Dear Principals, Teachers, Superintendents, Parents and Anyone Interested in Children,

My bullying prevention tip is very fitting for today's date:  10/10, which coincidentally falls within National Bullying Prevention Month.

If you have young children or you teach young children, you'll love the award-winning book, One, and it's companion book Zero, by Kathryn Otoshi.

These books beautifully express the power of stepping up and the importance of feeling whole in your center.

They were so powerful to me that I reached out to Ms. Otoshi and we created One Can Count, which consists of materials and simple activity suggestions that support the messages of respect and leadership.   As a matter of fact, New York State Senator Andrew J. Lanza recently sponsored One Can Count in all 30 of the public elementary schools in his district.  St. John's University hosted the workshop for principals, teachers, counselors,  parent coordinators and graduate students.  As a community we came together to discuss solutions and to focus our attention on encouraging leadership skills at an early age as the anti-bully.

If you want your community to benefit from One Can Count and have questions about how to cost effectively introduce the books and materials into your school districts, contact me at thetangledball@gmail.com.

The equation is as simple as this:

Books + Free Materials + T-Shirts =  Opportunities to Encourage Leadership 

"Sometimes it just takes One."  

Thank you for being a One.


Susan S. Raisch
Founder of Tangled Ball

Monday, October 7, 2013

Make Every Day A Better One!

Leadership is the act of doing good when no one is looking.

But everyone likes to be recognized, including kids.

It's also leadership to recognize the good deeds of others.

Here's my hot tip for October, which happens to National Bullying Prevention Month.

MEDABO cards.  These little cards bring big smiles and inspire in countless ways.

At a recent One Can Count workshop, elementary school teachers and administrators were encouraged to use the cards to catch fellow staff members in the act of showing kindness.  Kids can also be inspired to pass it forward.  Try asking the students to hold on to one card and to pay the other card forward.  The recipient can be asked to pay it forward again... and again...and again.  Watch the magic happen.  (If you order card stock, kids can write their initials on one and see where it lands at the end of a week.)

It's simple. It's fun. It makes an impact.