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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bullying: Emotional Gymnastics

Is that a real term? If not, it should be. It's what happens when others make you second guess yourself. It's a form of bullying. They throw you off your game. They make sure they say something to you to bring you down a notch and then couple that with leaving you out of things. Or the best trick: no eye contact! Then repeat, and repeat, and repeat until the soul gets sucked out.

It's hard enough on adults but what about kids who don't have the experience, the skills or network to help them overcome the horrible emotions of self doubt and the exhausting exercise of emotional gymnastics.

Sadly, they're harming themselves.

What can we do?

WE can notice. WE can give eye contact. WE can give praise. WE can give validation. WE can give a smile. WE can give a complement. WE can ask questions. WE can give protection. WE can care about all children, not just our own. WE can listen. WE can correct the bully.

WE can help them find their soul. Sometimes it just takes ONE adult.

(Tip: Buy the book ONE by Kathryn Otoshi for yourself and any child you know. Simple, Beautiful, Brilliant!)

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