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Friday, February 26, 2010

Stand Up To Bullying Day (Today!)

Bobby Cooper is proof that you don't have to have been a target of bullying to be interested in what it does to others. The thing I love about Stand Up To Bullying Day is that it was conceived by a guy who had no real history with bullying. He's a self described "cool guy" who could have done something about bullying when he was in high school -- but didn't. He didn't step in for the same reason many don't step in. He didn't feel like it was "any of his business."

Bobby, like many other college graduates, didn't feel his education necessarily pointed him in any certain direction after his four years. It was a segment on Dr. Phil with his son, Jay McGraw, on bullying that motivated him to take on the issue. (Obviously, he didn't have a job if he was watching Dr. Phil in the middle of the day.)

But no matter what the motivation was, it inspired him to learn as much as he could (which is really good because research is key. Bullying is complicated and definitely not a "one size fits all" issue.)

It sounds like it's been a winding road, trying to figure out how his talents could best contribute to awareness and solutions. But pink shirts it is -- and I think he's probably making a difference. Read his web site. It's thorough and well intentioned and developed by a guy who could be doing a lot of other things. And, I think it's really important to get cool guys involved in this issue as leaders.

Way to go, Bobby. I'm putting on my pink shirt right now.

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