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Friday, July 16, 2010

Parents Who Admit Their Kids Are Bullies Are Heroes, Too

Did you ever go to a school reunion and were shocked at how some kids turned out? Or shocked that they turned out just the way you thought?

Here's a theory: When kids who bullied in school are eventually stopped by a caring and wise adult, they seem to grow up just fine. When kids who bullied in school but were not stopped, you meet them years later and find out they've been divorced several times, their kids are in trouble, they can't hold on to a job, etc. You get the picture.

So when parents recognize that their kids have a tendency to bully and they work at correcting it, they deserve help, empathy and a standing ovation. That's a good parent. We can't always control our children's personalities but we can sure try to straighten them out. Their future spouses will thank you.

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