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Monday, July 5, 2010

How Did Your Parent Turn Your Worst Day Into Your "Best Day"?

Hard to believe that Taylor had friend issues. Did her mom know at the time how big of a help she was?

Whether you were on the receiving end of kindness or you were the one stepping in, we want your stories. You might not get a song written about you but you will inspire others. Parents need to know how important it is to just "be there."


  1. OMG Thanks for this. What a lovely, lovely song. I'm not a parent but I can appreciate the sentiment. Thankfulness is such a gift to the giver and receiver.

  2. I forgot to answer the question.

    My mother is always a breath of fresh air growing up with 3 kids and a husband who worked the graveyard shift.

    My mom made sure we danced to the radio every Saturday morning while she also made sure we had dust cloths in hand... She is upbeat and whenever I was down, she infused me with positivity and laughter- always.